Robin TUMPUM Peters – the dancing moviemaker, always on the move to create another new artistic expression of his mind. Also a choreographer and a dancer with a experimentally creative outlook.
Bianca Traum - the graceful dancer from P*fect, a fashionabel dance company that waacks and vougues to show of dance in new ways through events, shows and workshops.

Together they are going to write about dancing, art, events, creative projects and whatever that falls on this dynamic duos mind. Learn more about them through a couple of questions…

Who are Robin and Bianca?

(Robin) – We are two artists.
I guess we are known by our friends for our dancing mostly.
But I think I’m more of an artist first of all. Dancing has always been my main thing, but when I’m drawing, writing, playing, acting, directing, editing …or what ever is absorbing my focus, I feel the same passion.

(Bianca) – It might sound like a cliché but I’m a dreamer, have always been and will always be. My last name is dream in german so I guess it’s meant to be.
Ever since I can remember I’ve always been playing roles in my head and in front of the mirror. When I was growing up I use to cut class to stay at home in my room to live in my world that I created, were I was a star that expressed my art to the world.
I never lost that in some way and I will fight hard in my life to stay the same way.
I’m a very privilege person that has had a good life so far, so I’m very thankful for the gift of even being able to dream.
I’m a critical person that always analyses stuff twice. You have to prove to me that you mean business or else I don’t trust you.
I have a million goals in life so I try to spent my time with people who are positive and not with those who waste my time. Life is too short to be surrounded by negative things. I have dedicated the last 8 years to dance and I will probably not stop now. It’s like a drug, you struggle to get that feeling of freedom very time you dance. Sometimes I’m lucky and sometimes I’m not and that’s why the struggle never ends, I always want more.

Favorite clothing?

(Robin) – my fake vans.

(Bianca) – Right now, my black leather/suede jacket which my friend found at her work and gave to me.

What do you do when no one sees?

(Robin) – Singing.

(Bianca) – Pick my nose.

What can’t You live without?

(Robin) – Coffee, music and Bianca.

(Bianca) – Music, family, friends and a man with beard.

Music You play on the highest volume?

(Robin) – D U B S T E P

(Bianca) – I listen to all my music at the highest. What’s the point other wise?

What’s the best/worst about Stockholm?

(Robin) – Honest people, my friends, subway ,coffee and relatively good politicians. Climate sucks… especially after You’ve been to LA. LA is never too hot or too cold, its strange actually. And Stockholm needs more rentable apartments for anyone, not only the rich people or people with connections. mix it up.

(Bianca) – The best thing about Stockholm is the beautiful surroundings, specially in the summer. Another thing is that it’s the capital and there are “a lot” of people living here. I not a big fan of the smaller cities right now.
The worst is the living situation, there are no apartments for rent. I’ve moved at least 10 times the last 6 years.

Morning or evening?

(Robin) – Both… thou, I’m depressed right when I wake up for about 30 seconds.
My brain is just anxious and goes off trying to solve all my problems that very first moment.
It’s like I’m another person… mornings or evenings are both really nice.

(Bianca) – I like mornings better but I don’t like getting up super early.

Last supper?

(Robin) – Sushi.

(Bianca) – My mom’s cooking.

Organised wardrobe or chaos?

(Robin) – I love that I even have a wardrobe. I’ve had my stuff in two bags for so long now. I’ve got the right things in the right box. not folded.

(Bianca) – I like everything nicely placed. But that’s sometimes kind of boring so I spice it up at times and just throw my clothes on the shelfs.

Any icons?

(Robin) – … Charlie Chaplin. He did everything himself. Michael Jackson. he was a perfectionist. Hayao Miyazaki. his worlds are amazing. George Lucas of course, the star wars universe is the ultimate masterpiece (especially the old movies). and last but not least, Salvador Dali! He mixes his crazy fantasy with his technical skills.

(Bianca) – My first idol and icon was Michael Jackson. Now I have too many…the list is so long!

DANCE SLASH ART blog by Robin Peters and Bianca Traum

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