Lördag, 18 augusti, 2012 Steve Rachmad- Secret Life of Machines Album tour & Joel Mull



Steve Rachmad is a Dutch techno producer, DJ and remixer. By many, he is considered a father of Detroittechno in the Netherlands, respected in the world of electronic music for his deep, groovy sounds that tend to rest on impressive strings, melodies, funk and soul.
His career has been reaching its highest peaks from 1996 up to the present time. Yet, it is somewhat less known that he has been in the music realms for over 25 years now.

He remixed a variety of artists, from Taksi, Derrick May and John Tejada, to Armand van Helden, Club MCM, Armin van Buuren, Seven Grand Housing Authority, Victor Calderone and Basement Jaxx. Among Steve’s most respected releases is certainly his album “Secret Life of Machines,” which came out in 1996 under his pseudonym Sterac, and is up to this date considered as one of the all-time techno classics. About the same time his DJing path starts rapidly evolving as well. Until today, Steve shares his talent with the crowds all over the World. He occasionally spins disco and electro, but mainly techno.

In the latest years, next to his characteristic techno sound, he also actively focuses on electro, stripping it down to the old-school feel. His Sterac Electronics remixes of the vocal track Love Sweet Love (by Clashing Egos), Keep on Running (by Sweet Coffee) and Body Language (by M.A.N.D.Y. vs Booka Shade), and his own “Keep on running” and “Night Heat” releases on Music Man Records have ended up in the record bags of a wide variety of artists, from techno, to minimal, house and electro. His devotion to his dreams and inspirations drives him safely into the successful future.

At the age of 6 Joel began his long and successful music career. From the age of ten to sixteen, Joel attended Music School in Stockholm, using most of his time playing keyboards and singing in numerous capacities. Joel got into electronic music via Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. As the case with many of the today’s dance music luminaries, his early musical explorations gave him a solid base upon which he would continue building on.

Joel found inspiration to pursue a full time DJ career in 1995. From that point on, he has consistently flexed his musical background with his range of productions and superb choice of label releases. After many releases on different labels around the world, Joel felt that it was time to take control over his music and in1998 a new project was born: “Inside Records”. Since then there has been a continuous release flow of quality dance-floor techno 12″ from his studio inStockholm. As DJ and live act, Joel has been performing in numerous countries across the Globe. He has become an artist to be watched and followed. Joel Mull is a perfect example of the successful contemporary techno artist.


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  1. Andres Melendez

    Hej Leelo, ikväll kommer jag + 2 om det är lugnt?


  2. Katja Cegodari

    Hej! Jag och 2 till kommer ikväll om det går bra?tack 

  3. Amanda Cruzeiro

    Hej Leelo skulle det funka att skriva upp mig + 2? kram

  4. Carl Jernberg

    Hej !!

    Är det försent för Carl Jernberg + 5 ikväll? Kraam!

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